A – Schlatter technology

B – BRIGHT METAL ultrasound technology  (single junction point)

C – Malaguti technology

BRIGHT METAL heat exchangers use ultrasonic technology.

The use of ultrasonic welding for refrigeration has the following benefits:

  1. Only one weld is present, so there is a reduction of the possibility of leaks.
  2. Automation of the welding process with guarantee of product standardization.
  3. High mechanical resistance of copper-aluminum junction and sure sealing by the action of ultrasound.
  4. Total coverage of copper-aluminum junction with welding alloy which prevents access to air and moisture blocking any corrosion processes.

Flow chart for the process of the ULTRASOUND technology



1. Cutting and deformation of aluminium and copper tubes are fully automated.

2. Manual assembly.

3. Ultrasonic welding: preheating the heat exchanger tubes, immersion of junctions for ultrasound welding and cleaning of parts by blowing air after welding.

4. Visual quality check of the weld.

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