Roll Bond Evaporators worker
Roll Bond Evaporators

Roll Bond Evaporators in BRIGHT METAL is a new player in the production of roll bond plates. Our roll bond line comes from Chambery, France and was developed as state-of-the-art of Pechiney, recently acquired by Alcan. After the Italian Compagnia Generale Alluminio Spa (CGA) -last operative owner of Rubanox, ended the activity in France, the line stopped for a period of time.  

A new life came to the line when BRIGHT METAL decided to invest in this activity moving the line from France to Egypt. A professional and detailed restructuring job was done to restart the line and produce again the high quality that was well known and appreciated in the market. 

In order to maintain that high quality, BRIGHT METAL has formed a team with old and new operators to transfer the knowledge and know-how to a new generation of technicians. 



  • Length max/min : 2500/200mm
  • Width max/min : 600/150mm


  • Aluminium Al1050

  • Alloy (Flat side) Al8006


  • DSI (Double Side Inflated)

  • OSF (One Side Flat, the other one is inflated)

  • OSFX (OSF with not inflated side extra flat)

Rolling tollerances

  • 1,5% elongation and 1,5° out of square


Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration

  • Evaporators for static refrigerators and freezers
  • Condensers

Thermodynamic Heat Pumps

  • Solar Evaporators
  • Condensers for boilers and water tanks


  • Radiant ceilings
  • Radiant walls

Electronics and Automotive

  • PCB cooling frame
  • Box water cooling
  • Battery cooling
  • Surface heat exchangers
Roll Bond Evaporators Patterns



aluminum panels with incorporated cooling circuits

Unique and patented production system called ExpandalTM

1. Continuous manufacturing of aluminum panels with incorporated cooling circuits by hot rolling of two unwound strips of aluminium in one single pass.

Prior to rolling

2. Prior to rolling, the channel circuit is printed on the sheets by serigraphy, using an anti-adhesive ink.

stacking of the panels on pallets

3. The mechanical properties required for the inflating of the internal circuit are obtained after rolling, by an annealing operation. After rolling, the channels are inflated by applying a pressure of 100-150 bars.

inflated by applying a pressure

4. The subsequent operations of channel opening and inflating with compressed air on a progressive press are carried out automatically, just as the discharging and the stacking of the panels on pallets.

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